Stockholm based Illustrator / Artist / Print Designer
 Craft / Colour / Glamour

Photo by Manne Wahlström
I am a freelance Illustrator and artist with a passion for textile print and pattern making. A graduate of the BA Illustrations program at Konstfack, scarf enthusiast and colorist.  

I like to reference familiar icons from our shared history; the whimsical renaissance, the camp baroque and mid-century patterns all feel natural together when draped in the right palette. History is always my starting point but rarely ever the destination.

 “Zorn of the 21st Century”, 2017
 The hand is always present in my work. A craft-based background and a predisposition of the analogue results in a focus on materials. They add a layer of tactile intimacy with the viewer. Dry needle, lino print and pure sketches can all play their part in multilayered productions yearning for longevity, kindness and sense of delight

Welcome to a decadent visual world inhabited by mythological characters and an expressive flora and fauna.

“Seven Sins Cards” 2022


Konstfack; BFA Illustration & Graphic Design: 2019-2022
Beckmans School of Communication; Visual Communication (short course): 2019
Nyckelviksskolan; Art, Crafts and Design: 2014-2015

“Hidden Messages” Exhibition, June, 2021
Mitt i Stockholm

”But in the end, stories are about one person saying to another: This is the way it feels to me. Can you understand what I’m saying?
Does it feel this way to you?”

– Kazuo Ishiguro

(c) Olivia Ekelund 2023